WordPress 5 Page Website - ₹150 - 5 Days

WordPress 5 Page Website

5 Days ₹150.00

Consider this your guide to making sure that each page adds value and helps convert visitors into leads and customers.

1) Your Homepage

Most visitors will naturally land on your home page. That means this part of your website should include a high-level overview of who you are, what products or services you offer, and how interested members of your target audience can get in touch with you.

You can link to more detailed information on one of the below pages on each of these topics – at this point, you’re just trying to get interest. That goal, of course, also determines how you design and lay out your homepage. It needs to be visual, and clearly communicate your core value proposition to ensure that customers will want to learn more about you.

2) The Contact Page

After visiting your homepage or browsing around, your visitors will have questions about your business. This page should allow them to get in touch with you easily, including contact opportunities such as your phone number, email address, and physical address.

But don’t stop there. Your contact page is also an opportunity to get interactive, including a map to your physical location as well as directions to enable interested would-be customers to find you. Finally, a strategically placed contact form makes getting in touch with you (and generating leads of interested visitors) easy.

3) A Page About Yourself

Your visitors want to know who they engage with. They will be much more likely to interact and become customers of a company to whom they feel a personal connection. Your about page can be the crucial first step to develop that connection.

Here, you can include the story of your business, as well as yourself and/or the founders. Introduce your team, making sure that everything is written in a format that is consistent with your brand voice and image. Tell the story of your business to your visitors, so that they can feel a connection with your brand.

4) Details About Your Products/Services

On this page, you can get down to business. Outline the benefits of your products and services clearly and succinctly. Your homepage is an introduction, the contact page serves curious visitors, and the about page tells your story. Now, it’s time to tell your potential customers just why the products or services you offer are perfect for them.

When possible, illustrate your offers with visuals. This page is also a perfect opportunity to add customer testimonials, which are an important part of communicating your products’ value and credibility. Any visitor should come away from this page wanting to take the next step to become a customer or client.

5) Your Blog or Company News

Finally, any website should include a dynamic element that allows you to add fresh and relevant content on a regular basis. You may call it your blog or your news page, but the name is just semantics – what matters is that you have a space to share news and updates about both your company and your industry.

As we have detailed in this space in the past, a blog allows you to significantly improve both your SEO and your credibility as a business. Establish yourself as an authority in your industry while simultaneously improving your search engine ranks on keywords, simply by posting regular updates about topics of interest to your audience.

A combination of these pages will help your website become efficient, SEO-friendly, and successful. But of course, they will still need to be built out professionally in order to reach their optimum effectiveness. For help in that regard, contact us to learn about our options for small businesses.

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